Most Latin American countries today show steady economic growth and political and social stability. Chile started this process 25 years ago and is the country with the highest level of development. In the context of the event “Flavors of Chile” to be held in Hotel Sofitel, Hamburg, we arrange a seminar about investments opportunities in Chile.

The successful development of the Chilean economy generates growing business and investment opportunities in various sectors. Example sectors are:
· Mining (Chile biggest producer of copper in the world)
· Energy (growing yearly between 6 -7 %)
· Infrastructure (motorways, roads, ports, airports, hospitals, etc.)
· Commercial buildings Chilean companies develop new malls both in Chile and in the neighboring countries.
· Logistics and transport The investments in different sectors generate demand of efficient logistics solutions.
· Construction The increasing standard of life demand continuously new dwellings for the Chilean inhabitants.
· Tourism The varieties of climates and wildlife have made Chile a country with growing tourist demand.

The Executive Vice President of the Foreign Investment Committee, Mr. Matias Mori, together with the Business Association for Latin America (Lateinamerika Verein) and ProChile, invite you for the Seminar “Business and Investments in Chile” the 30 October 2012 between 11 and 13 hrs. The seminar will be held in Hotel Sofitel, Hamburg.

Info and registration

In case you want to be registered for the seminar or need more information, please contact the Embassy of Chile, Mr. Arturo Puga,, +49 30 726 203 610.